Fukutoku Garden


In the center of the garden of about 1,000㎡, there is an open space that can be used for various events with multiple purposes, which is surrounded by lush greenery, creating an urban forest. Fukutoku no Mori is located closely connected to Fukutoku Shrine, which has a long history and has been loved in the area,is an outdoor space rare in the Nihonbashi area and can be used as a space for various events.

Chochin Street


Chochin Dori (Chochin, or lantern mall) which runs between the Coredo Muromachi buildings and leads to Otorii (big tori, or shrine gate) is a mall where you can feel the traditional culture representing Nihonbashi area.
Along the mall, which is decorated with chochins (lanterns) that are lit in different colors according to the season, many visitors and tourists stop to take commemorative pictures during pedestrian paradise hours (11:00–20:00). Since March 2018, this mall can also be used as a space for various events.